Moenda Trading Enterprise

We are the organization that pride itself with nothing less than excellence.  Since 2005, our experienced, skilled and dedicated team work hard every day to provide the best services to clients. 

MTE is a Close corporation company duly formulated in terms of the company law of South Africa, registered as Moeda Trading Enterprise under the registration number 2005/111332/23.
Our Values 
Our values are inspired by our service target; which is to reach the whole of AFRICA with our services. 
A — Available (Always available to our clients) 
F— Friendly (Providing good Customer Service) 
R— Reliable  
— Innovative  
C — Consistent 
A — Assertive   
We strive to comply with all government regulations and standards attached to the kind of services we provide i.e. Health & Safety Acts, Occupation for Occupational Injuries and diseases Act, Basic Conditions of Employment Act, Labour Relations Act and more … 
Moreover, happy employee provides the best service!! So we believe that by complying with average wages that are determined through a sectoral determination via Government Gazette Notices., we can always keep our employees motivated all the times.  

We believe in skills development.  Our employees receive continuous trainings timely, as at the time of hire and as needed thereafter.