Moenda Trading Enterprise (MTE) is a 100% black owned business. We currently have plus 100 full time employees registered on our database 

Leonard Tebogo Moenda is the Founder and Executive Chairman of the Moenda Trading Enterprise (MTE).   
MTE Management is responsible for implementing and managing all the Executive’s ideas and orders.  These are employees who work hard to make sure the company complies with all the relevant legislations, within the following spheres of business: 
- Logistics & Supply Chain 
- Legal 
- Finance 
- Human Resources 
- Health, Safety & Security
This is the core of our business. The main services of MTE.  Each division have its own employees and Supervisors. 
- Trucking 
- Fuel 
- Plant Hire 
- Networking & Cabling 
This portfolio works 24/7/365 in order to maintain quality of service delivery, provided to the clients. 
- Business Development 
 - Projects Management 
 - Workshop